Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

WHSRNews: Alerts and Updates

28 March 2006: WHSRNews Special Note

WHSRN Featured on Tony Dean's "Dakota Backroads" radio show

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29 December 2005: WHSRNews Update

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation has awarded WHSRN a $306,000 grant for "Shorebird Conservation in the Western Hemisphere."

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22 December 2005: WHSRNews Alert

Change in date of upcoming WHSRN Hemispheric Council meeting in San José, Costa Rica

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15 December 2005: WHSRNews Alert

Official statement, background information, and key facts from WHSRN regarding avian influenza

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08 December 2005: WHSRNews Special Note

News of WHSRN Hemispheric Council Members, Jack Capp and Carol Lively

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01 December 2005: WHSRNews Special Note

Remarks made by Sra. Ligia Castro, director of the National Environmental Ministry of Panama Director, at October 2005 dedication of Upper Bay of Panama as a WHSRN Site of Hemispheric Importance now available for download

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