Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

WHSRNews: Alerts and Updates

12 September 2006: WHSRNews Alert

Red Knot, Calidris canutus, Named Candidate for protection under Endangered Species Act

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01 September 2006: WHSRNews Special Note

Iván Darío Valencia leaves WHSRN to start graduate school; WildBird features WHSRN strategy

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18 July 2006: WHSRNews Update

Site Assessment Tool funding available from WHSRN Executive Office on first-come-first-served basis; Site Assessment Tool Tutorial also available.

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05 June 2006: WHSRNews Special Note

Two conservation leaders were recognized on World Environment Day with the Ideas that Change the World award and the National Award for Environmental Merit (Mexico)

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08 May 2006: WHSRNews Special Note

Communicating about Shorebird Conservation: WHSRN Executive Office Director Charles Duncan shares insights about WHSRN's mission of shorebird conservation on "Dakota Backroads"

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03 May 2006: WHSRNews Special Note

Berta and Sassy: A Tale of Two Godwits

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28 March 2006: WHSRNews Special Note

WHSRN Featured on Tony Dean's "Dakota Backroads" radio show

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29 December 2005: WHSRNews Update

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation has awarded WHSRN a $306,000 grant for "Shorebird Conservation in the Western Hemisphere."

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