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Shorebirds are among nature's most ambitious, long-distance migrants. But their numbers are dropping quickly with some species projected to go extinct within our lifetime. Protecting these birds is an important international conservation priority that requires proactive and coordinated efforts within each of the countries these birds fly through during their vast, pole to pole migrations.

WHSRN’s mission is to conserve shorebirds and their habitats through a network of key sites across the Americas.

Below are new sites and those recently highlighted in WHSRNews. To see all sites, please visit the WHSRN map.

Monumento Natural Laguna de los Pozuelos, Argentina
Designated May 2014

Bahía de Tóbari, Mexico
Designated September 2014

"Chile and Peru: Strengthening Good Governance for WHSRN Sites"
September 2014

News from WHSRN

WHSRNews: September 2014
Two "good governance" courses in South America, PASP finalizes shorebird-marking protocol, and hunters observe World Shorebirds' Day!

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WHSRNews Update
A warm welcome to Bahía de Tóbari in Sonora, Mexico, as the 90th WHSRN Site!

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