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Pastizales de Janos y Ascensión

Site Facts

Country, State, Province/Region:

Mexico, Chihuahua

Relative Location:

Northwest corner of the State of Chihuahua


30°50' N, 108° 30' W



Basis for Designation:

300 Mountain Plovers (2.4% of the world population)

3,000 Long-billed Curlews (2.4 - 5.5% of the estimated population)


544,000 hectares (1,300,000 acres)


August 2010

Site Owner/Steward:

Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP)

Site Partners:


Human Population within 100 km:

Nuevo Casas Grandes, 60km away, has a population of 50,000.


Alfonso Banda
Director of Conservation
Pronatura Noreste A.C

Alfonso Deandar Armendáriz
Manantiales de Valerio
Private Ranch

About Us

Pastizales de Janos y Ascensión [Grasslands of Janos and Asensión], located in northern Mexico, was declared a Biosphere Reserve in December 2009, bringing more than 544,000 hectares (1,300,000 million acres) of critical grassland habitat under federal protection. The area is also recognized as an Important Bird Area (AICA Janos - Nuevo Casas Grandes) due to the significant number and diversity of migratory birds it supports. High-priority grassland-associated shorebirds within this WHSRN Site of Regional Importance include 300 Mountain Plovers (Charadrius montanus), which is 2.4% of the world population; and 3,000 Long-billed Curlews (Numenius americanus), or 2.4 - 5.5% of the estimated population. Both are considered “Species of High Concern” by the U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan. Additional shorebird species of conservation concern that rely on these grasslands are Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) and Upland Sandpiper (Bartramia longicauda).

Ecology & Conservation

 More information coming soon!




Alfonso Banda
Director of Conservation
Pronatura Noreste A.C


Alfonso Deandar 
Manantiales de Valerio 
Private Ranch