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WHSRNews Update

The 2nd annual World Shorebirds’ Day is this weekend!


Calling all 91 WHSRN sites!

 World Shorebirds' Day poster, featuring Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres). /
Artwork by Szabolcs Kókay

This weekend, 5-6 September 2015, is the 2nd annual World Shorebirds’ Day! Will you be among the hundreds of shorebird scientists, conservationists, educators, and enthusiasts celebrating it?

Global Shorebird Counting, the central theme of the day, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of consistent shorebird monitoring as a core tool in conserving species and habitats. This weekend-long event is a great opportunity for people of all skill levels to contribute to the very real need for data on shorebird populations at sites worldwide.

All 91 WHSRN sites and, more directly, the hundreds of people committed to their good stewardship, comprise the most successful network for shorebird conservation in the Western Hemisphere. As such, we have the potential to contribute the greatest amount of count data to this global effort from ‘our’ hemisphere. It is inspiring that so many WHSRN sites have already put themselves on the World Shorebirds’ Day site map – but there are MANY more to go! It’s easy to register your WHSRN site and, later, enter your counts in the eBird database.

Your WHSRN Executive Office staff will be participating in educational field trips, shorebird counts, and/or local community celebrations at three WHSRN sites—Rio Maipo, Chile; Asunción Bay, Paraguay; Delaware Bay, USA—and in coastal Maine and Massachusetts (USA).

For György Szimuly, initiator and organizer of World Shorebirds’ Day (WSD), “This day was inspired by the ongoing conservation issues that shorebirds are facing around the world.” Most of the world’s shorebird species are experiencing significant population declines—some since the 1970s, others more recently. Habitat loss and human disturbance, among other threats, continue to take a particular toll on these birds globally. World Shorebirds’ Day reminds us that every sector of society can play a role in helping these species to recover and thrive long term.

Atlantic Coast Reserve of Tierra del Fuego WHSRN Site, Argentina / © Luis Benegas

If you haven’t already done so, please register your site today! Connect with others in the Network by sharing your plans and photos via the WHSRN Facebook page and WSD Facebook page, using #worldshorebirdsday.   

Friends and neighbors of WHSRN sites, check our list or Google map of sites to find a WHSRN site near you. Click on the name or placemarker for a link to its Site Profile, which has local contact information and websites. This is also available via our downloadable, interactive Google Earth map.

Happy World Shorebirds’ Day!