Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

WHSRN Canada National Council

In Canada, the framework for shorebird conservation is described in the Canadian Shorebird Conservation Plan. WHSRN is seen as a key delivery mechanism for recognizing important shorebird habitats and is an integral part of this framework.  The Canadian Shorebird National Working Group (CSNWG) is the body that oversees the implementation of the shorebird plan which includes championing the development of WHSRN in Canada.  As such, CSNWG acts as the national chapter of WHSRN and is therefore also referred to as WHSRN-Canada when filling this role.  To ensure that the CSNWG and the WHSRN Hemispheric Council are formally connected and in direct communication, there is overlapping membership where the CSNWG Chair is also a member of the Hemispheric Council.

Photo Credit: Charles Duncan

The following is taken from the Canadian Shorebird Conservation Plan and describes the role of the Canadian Shorebird National Working Group including its role as promoter of WHSRN in Canada:

"The CSCP national working group will support and facilitate coordinated planning and implementation of shorebird conservation at international, national, regional and local levels. Actions will be based on a foundation of science that originates at regional, national and international levels. As conservation actions must reflect needs across birds’ ranges, the national working group will oversee the development of WHSRN in Canada and will eventually form a Canadian component of a multi-national plan that is hemispheric in scope."

In the Canadian Shorebird Conservation Plan, the roles of the CSNWG with respect to WHSRN are listed as:

  • Representing Canada on the Hemispheric Council including participation in the setting of international biological and management priorities; and, 
  •  Encouraging and supporting new Canadian WHSRN site nominations in accordance with established criteria and providing recommendations for action to the WHSRN Advisory Council.

In this role, WHSRN – Canada receives and coordinates nominations in cooperation with the WHSRN SAC and coordinates all activities with the WHSRN Council. Bird conservation in Canada is integrated and facilitated through the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI), more specifically, through the Canadian component of NABCI-Canada. To ensure that input from the shorebird conservation sector is included in NABCI activities, there is overlapping membership between CSNWG and NABCI-Canada.