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Annual meeting of the Argentine Council, October 2009, Rio Gallegos (© Mirta Carbajal)

The Argentine National Council of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN) comprises two representatives from each WHSRN site in Argentina.  The Council is a mechanism for advancing the WHSRN mission in Argentina: to conserve shorebird species and their habitats through a network of key sites throughout the Americas.

Objectives of the Argentine Council

  • Promote coordinated, continuous, and collaborative action and management between partners and WHSRN sites in Argentina for effective conservation.
  • Design, implement, and bi-annually monito the Council's Action Plan, including evaluation and accountability.
  • Manage the resources (technical, human, and financial) necessary for the Council's action.
  • Facilitate continuous and effective communication between the WHSRN Executive Office and its partners in Argentina.
  • Represent the interests of Argentine WHSRN sites before the WHSRN Hemispheric Council.
  • Propose possible new council members and/or replace inactive ones.
  • Build national partnerships to strengthen and enhance the Council's work.
  • Promote the identification and designation of new sites and/or landscapes for inclusion within WHSRN.  


Council Members

Members of the WHSRN Argentine National Council for each site (updated June 2015) are:

Marshes of Río Dulce y Laguna Mar Chiquita

  • Dr. Enrique H. Bucher, National University of Córdoba-Center for Applied Zoology
  • Marcela Castellino, PROMAR 

WHSRN Sites of Hemispheric (red) and International (orange) Importance in Argentina./ WHSRN Executive Office

San Antonio Bay

  • Lic. Mirta Carbajal, Inalafquen Foundation
  • Mauricio Failla, Inalafquen Foundation

Río Gallegos Estuary

  • Mg. Silvia Ferrari, National University of Patagonia
  • Téc. Germán Montero, Southern Environment Association (Asociación Ambiente Sur)

Atlantic Coast Reserve - Tierra del Fuego

  • Téc. Tabaré Barreto, Municipality of Rio Grande 
  • Mg. Erio Curto, Department of Protected Natural Areas of Tierra del Fuego

Samborombón Bay

  • Gabriel Castresana, Provincial Organization for Sustainable Development (OPDS), Buenos Aires

Valdés Peninsula

  • Dr. Luis Bala, Centro Nacional Patagónico (CENPAT-CONICET)
  • Soledad Diaz Ovejero, Undersecretary of Tourism and Protected Areas

Laguna Pozuelos Natural Monument

  • Lic. Ana Laura Sureda, National Parks Administration
  • Lic. Flavio Moschione, National Parks Administration

The Argentine Council is currently chaired by Lic. Mirta Carbajal, representative of the San Antonio Bay WHSRN Site and President of Inalafquen Foundation. 


Council Documents

Council Terms of Reference (PDF, 110 KB)

Action Plan 2010 - 2012 (.xls, 365 KB)


Council Activities

Through the years, the WHSRN Argentine National Council has undertaken various efforts and actions that are making important strides toward effective conservation of shorebirds and their habitats in Argentina. Here is a brief summary:

Participation in annual meetings of the WHSRN Hemispheric Council, held in Mexico (2008), Colombia (2009), Panama (2010), and USA (2011).

Annual meetings of the Argentine Council:

  • June 2010 in Miramar (Córdoba)
  • October 2009 in Río Gallegos (Santa Cruz)
  • March 2008 in San Martín de los Andes (Neuquén) 

Signing of the Inter-municipal Agreement among local governments with WHSRN sites in their jurisdiction: Las Grutas, Río Negro (March 2010).

Strategic planning and capacity building:

  • Workshop on "Strengthening of technical capacities in the Western Hemisphere for adapting to climate change in coastal shorebird habitats of the Southern Cone" (Rio Gallegos, October 2009)
  • Workshop on "Planning Strategies for the Recovery of Shorebirds in Patagonia" (Río Gallegos, October 2009)
  • Workshop of "WHSRN Argentine Council: Shorebird Conservation in Argentina" (Miramar, Córdoba, June 2010)

Mar Chiquita Delcaration (PDF, 81 KB) 

Research and monitoring of the Red Knot (Calidris canutus rufa) in sites in Patagonia, as part of the project: "Recovering Knots, Oystercatchers, and Other Priority Shorebirds," Manomet.

Pride Campaigns in Patagonia: Three Pride campaigns were successfully carried out at these sites:

  • Río Grande (Atlantic Coast Reserve of Tierra del Fuego) by Biosphere Foundation;
  • Río Gallegos (Santa Cruz) by Southern Environment Associacion; and
  • San Antonio Oeste (Río Negro) by Inalafquen Foundation.

The campaigns were co-financed by Rare and the Manomet.

Declarations of Interest for Shorebird Conservation 

Provincial Declaration of Interest—with the force of law— for the conservation of migratory shorebirds and their habitats:

  • Honorable House of Representatives of Santa Cruz Province - September 2010
  • Honorable House of Representatives of Río Negro Province - December 2010

National Declaration of Interest by the Argentine House of Representatives for the work being carried out by the WHSRN Argentine Council in relation to the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats.

Brief History of the Council

The WHSRN Argentine National Council originated in 2005 when a group of colleagues involved in the conservation of shorebirds gathered in Buenos Aires for the 11th meeting of the Argentine Ornithologists. Facilitated by Dr. Charles Duncan (Director, WHSRN Executive Office), the interested parties discussed and exchanged proposals based on the idea of ​​establishing a National Council to "facilitate the WHSRN mission in Argentina".

The WHSRN Argentine National Council was formally created in November 2007 in the town of Las Grutas, Provincia de Río Negro, when Dr. Duncan and representatives of three of the WHSRN sites in Argentina (San Antonio Bay, Rio Gallegos Estuary, and Atlantic Coast Reserve of Tierra del Fuego) gathered there for the inauguration of the “Vuelo Latitud 40” Nature Interpretation Center. At that time, the group agreed on a preliminary structure of two representatives from each site. They elected a president, Carlos Albrieu, who remained in that position until mid-2010.


Photo Gallery

Formation of the WHSRN Argentine National Council - November 2007 (© Mirta Carbajal)

Argentine National Council visits the Laguna Mar Chiquita WHSRN Site in Argentina (© Erio Curto) 

Members of the WHSRN Argentine National Council - October 2009 
(Photo courtesy of Diego Luna Quevedo)

Workshop on strengthening the capacity to address
climate change - October 2009
(© Diego Luna Quevedo)

2nd meeting/workshop of the Argentine National Council - June 2010 (© Diego Luna Quevedo)

2nd meeting/workshop of the Argentine National Council - June 2010 (© Diego Luna Quevedo)

Nelida Belous, Congresswoman for Tierra del Fuego Province, receives a photo of  "B-95," the famous Red Knot, from the WHSRN Argentine National Council - May 2011  (© Tabaré Barreto)