Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network

Hemispheric Council

The Hemispheric Council acts as “the keeper of the program.” The Hemispheric Council is responsible for the overall direction and well-being of WHSRN and its progress in achieving its mission and vision. As a result, the Hemispheric Council oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic plans. The Council is broadly representative of each of the major geographic regions in which the Network operates, and may include representation from groups elsewhere with shared interests, such as Wetlands International and the Ramsar Secretariat. The Council is chaired by one of its own members, elected by the Council, and it may establish other offices, such as Vice-Chair and Corresponding Secretary. The Hemispheric Council has created an Executive Committee and may create other committees as needed.

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WHSRN Hemispheric Councilors

 27 May 2014

Name Affiliation
Enrique Bucher,
Councilor Emeritus
National University of Córdoba, Center for Applied Zoology [Argentina]
Gregory Butcher            U.S. Forest Service - International Programs
Mirta Carbajal Inalafquen Foundation [Argentina]; Argentine National WHSRN Council representative
Luís Fernando Castillo Asociación Calidris [Colombia]
Ian Davidson,
Council Chair
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation [USA]
Garry Donaldson Canadian Wildlife Service; Canadian National WHSRN Council representative
Guillermo Fernández Institute of Ocean and Limnology Sciences, UNAM; Northwest Mexico Regional Council representative
George Finney,
Councilor Emeritus
Bird Studies Canada
Jerome Ford U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
John Hagan Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences [USA]
Ward Hagemeijer Wetlands International [The Netherlands]
Deb Hahn Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies [USA]
Catherine Hickey Point Blue Conservation Science [USA]; U.S. National WHSRN Council representative
Rosabel Miró Panama Audubon Society
Taej Mundkur,
Designated Alternate
Wetlands International [The Netherlands]
Larry Niles Conserve Wildlife Foundation, New Jersey [USA]
María Rivera Ramsar Secretariat - The Americas [Switzerland]
Rosa María Vidal Pronatura, National Bird Conservation Program [Mexico]
Steve Wendt,
Councilor Emeritus
Canadian Wildlife Service (retired)